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As an outreach of the Ministries of Encouragement, The Barnabas House serves as a supplemental resource for the local churches and the Christian community in the Santa Clarita Valley. It is a gathering place for individuals and families to enjoy fellowship and grow a personal relationship with the Lord. We feel The Barnabas House fills a need in the Santa Clarita Valley for a facility where believers from different fellowships can meet throughout the week for the purpose of enhancing their walk with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Helping people walk with Jesus is the greatest gift we can give our fellow human beings

Why Called Barnabas?

We all need an encourager and encouragement at one time or another. And the early church was no exception. Barnabas was a real person of the first century A.D.. He was called Barnabas meaning encourager. He lifted people up, gave them COURAGE and HOPE by his generosity and kindness. Barnabas practiced his Christianity. We learn about Barnabas (Encourager) from the Bible, e.g. (Acts 4:36,37).

Ministries of Encouragement

The Ministries of Encouragement is a Christian organization dedicated to Christ, His principles, and His Word, the Bible. Our purpose is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help people live a more consistent life in Him. The ministry desires to teach people what it means to live their life in Christ and help them develop their lifeís purpose. The Ministry wants to encourage people by showing them the benefits of living life Godís way. The Ministry ministers to peoples spiritual and personal needs through Bible Studies, Biblical Counseling, Life Enrichment Seminars and with a helping hand.

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